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Strong Bones Series

Exercise your way to stronger bones!

Thursday, November 30
6-7 pm in the Fitness Studio
Yoga for Stronger Bones

Yoga encompasses many foundations of bone health that are recommended by medical professionals, such as strength training, flexibility, and balance. In regards to flexibility, moving joints through their full range of motion helps keep muscles working well and prevents injury. Preventing falls are another important aspect for people with osteoporosis. Stability and balance exercises that are incorporated in yoga help the muscles work together in a way that makes falls less likely. 

A 2016-published follow-up asked more than 700 people—83% of whom had been diagnosed with osteoporosis—to perform a 12-minute DVD of 12 yoga poses, holding each pose for at least 30 seconds. The study found statistically significant improvement in bone density for the spine and femur among those who practiced yoga.

Instructor: Darlene

Thursday, December 7 & 14
6-6:45 pm in the Fitness Studio
Low-impact Zumba/Cardio for Stronger Bones

Zumba is a weight-bearing aerobic activity which is extremely beneficial for bone strength and health.

These types of exercise work directly on bones in the legs, hips and lower spine to slow bone loss. They also improve blood flow and are good for the heart.

Other examples of weight-bearing aerobic activities are walking, elliptical machines, and climbing stairs.

Instructor: Fabiola

Thursday, December 21
6-7 pm in the Fitness Studio
Full Body Strength Training for Stronger Bones
GEX and Personal Trainers-5.png

Strength training will strengthen your muscles, tenons and bones. Learn how to use your bodyweight, light hand weights, and other equipment to strengthen your entire body!

Instructor: Laura

The Strong Bones Series is considered a part of the regular group exercise schedule.
All classes are free for members and drop-in only. 
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