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Parking is easy and plentiful!

Free Parking:
  • St. Clair or Waterloo (around Elworthy Field/Rotary Tot Lot)
  • City lot adjacent to the Neighborhood Club before 9am and after 9pm
  • City lot on Sundays
Paid Parking:
  • City lot between 9am - 9pm, Monday - Saturday ($.50/hour)
  • Meters between 9am - 9pm, Monday - Saturday ($.50/hour)
       (Pre-payment is available if arriving for a class before 9am)

To pay for parking, you will need your license plate number for the kiosk (zone 8503).
Credit card, cash and coins are accepted, but bring the exact amount as it does not give change.  The Passport App can also be used for payments.
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