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Member Services (NCRWC Membership Required)

Do you want the latest advice and support to kick-start your health and fitness routine? Book an appointment with one of our friendly fitness professionals!
Our complimentary services include:
Member Orientation
A fitness professional will provide help with learning how to operate the cardio equipment safely and effectively.  During this appointment, our fitness staff will show you how to take full advantage of our NC mobile APP to track your workouts, set goals, join fitness challenges and more! You will also receive valuable information about our facility and policies that you will want to be aware of.  About a 30 minute appointment.
Fitness Assessment:
A Fitness Assessment includes non-invasive fitness testing that evaluates components of your fitness level such as body composition, biometric measurements, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.  You’ll receive your results immediately and will get help in reaching your fitness goals!  About a 45-60 minute appointment.
Teen Fitness Orientation:
A Teen Fitness Orientation is mandatory for members age 14 or 15 who wish to use the Neighborhood Club Fitness Center and other fitness classrooms unsupervised. This orientation includes reviewing and signing a waiver of liability*, reviewing the free weight and strength equipment, cardiovascular equipment and learning the facility rules, guidelines, and general safety information. About a 15 minute appointment. Staff are available for Teen Orientations after 4pm Mon.-Fri., and anytime during open hours on the weekends. If you would like to complete the orientation during the day Mon.-Fri., please call ahead of time to confirm availability. 

*the waiver of liability must be signed by a parent/legal guardian.
Eight Dimensions of Wellness-Free Self-Guided Program
The Neighborhood Club has teamed up with Healthy Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods to offer FREE resources to promote optimal wellness.

Developed by Suzy Berschback, Healthy GPHW Director, and Sasha Murphy, Healthy GPHW Community Organizer, the goal of this program is to provide a template for individuals to explore and address various aspects of their health and lifestyles in order to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. 


This program launched on March 1, 2022 and will run interactively via social media posts and in-person speakers for the next eight months, though individuals are welcome to join the program at any time and at no cost. You may also use the workbook on your own, if you prefer a self-guided exploration of your health and wellness.

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