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Personal Trainer Liz Nyquist

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Liz is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer by NASM. She is also a certified Stretching & Flexibility Coach through NASM and understands how important stretching is to balance out the tightness and stiffness that can occur due to lifestyle, work, and exercise.

Liz is especially passionate and knowledgeable about weight lifting. She is a competitive Bodybuilder and a 3x Pro in the following titles: Bikini, Fitness Model, and Fitness. She has competed in 8 shows over the last 12 months! Her favorite lifts are ones that involve the barbell, Romanian deadlifts, back squats and hip thrusts. She lifts six times a week, but also enjoys HIIT workouts and a good stretch routine. Liz is excited to work with you in your fitness journey!

When she’s not at the Neighborhood Club, you can find Liz taking photographs around town with her camera, and spending time with her family.


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