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Herbal Oils

"Barbara provides an intuitive, kind, thoughtful, relaxing massage. Always with a personal touch."

Deb R.

White Rocks

"Barbara is the most considerate, attentive, and talented massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. She is irreplaceable in massage therapy."

Dave B.

Alternative Therapy

“My blood pressure has been high.  I’m so nervous about surgery.  After reiki, it was down to 100/68” 


Cloud in the Sky

"We had not had a massage before and didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was much better than I could possibly have expected."

Dr. Harry & Katrena

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Massage Program

Looking to relieve stress?

Barbara Boling is a licensed massage therapist with almost 25 years of massage therapy experience. Her passion is helping others feel their best, with foundational training in Neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue therapy, as well as Reiki, her work runs the gamut of everything in between. Schedule a session today, your body will thank you!


This deeply relaxing massage treatment is designed to ease muscle fatigue and soothe the nervous system, leaving you calm and rejuvenated.


Deep Tissue

This therapeutic treatment involves deep, slow massage and the use of key pressure points to access the deepest layers of muscle tissue and fascia.  Incorporating arnica oil, this massage also aids in circulation to further offer relief for muscle soreness.



Deeply relaxing for mind, body and spirit, Reiki soothes the central nervous system and encourages and supports whole body healing.


Compassionate Care Therapeutic Touch

This mingling of healing modalities, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Hands on healing, etc., will leave you incredibly relaxed with an activated parasympathetic nervous system for optimal recovery and healing. 


Sports Massage

Created especially for athletes and for stress relief, this intensive sports massage is designed to focus on relaxing sore muscles and stiff joints, with the incorporation of stretching tendons and ligaments

Contact info:
Barbara Boling


Please give yourself time to stop by the front desk prior to your appointment to fill out the massage form and make your payment.

MASSAGE RATES Packages may be purchased at the Neighborhood Club front desk.

Swedish Massage, Reiki, or
Compassionate Care Therapeutic Touch

30 Minutes

1 Session       $55

5 Sessions     $250 ($50/per)

10 Sessions   $480 ($48/per)

60 Minutes

1 Session       $100

5 Sessions     $475 ($95/per)

10 Sessions   $880 ($88/per)

90 Minutes

1 Session       $140

5 Sessions     $650 ($130/per)

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

30 Minutes

1 Session       $60

5 Sessions     $285 ($57/per)

10 Sessions   $520 ($52/per)

60 Minutes

1 Session       $110

5 Sessions     $520 ($104/per)

10 Sessions   $950 ($95/per)

90 Minutes

1 Session       $155

5 Sessions     $675 ($135/per)

For more information, email
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