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Herbal Oils

"Barbara provides an intuitive, kind, thoughtful, relaxing massage. Always with a personal touch."

Deb R.

White Rocks

"Barbara is the most considerate, attentive, and talented massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. She is irreplaceable in massage therapy."

Dave B.

Alternative Therapy

“My blood pressure has been high.  I’m so nervous about surgery.  After reiki, it was down to 100/68” 


Cloud in the Sky

"We had not had a massage before and didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was much better than I could possibly have expected."

Dr. Harry & Katrena

Massage Program

Looking to relieve stress?

Licensed massage therapist Barbara Boling, has a passion for helping others feel their best. Offering Arthrossage, compassionate care therapeutic touch (a mingling of many hands on healing modalities) and so much more to relieve tension, stress and help you into a state of deep relaxation.

Enjoy three different types of massage styles!


This treatment is filled with massage and yoga on the table. A series of stretches and massage specifically designed for the golfer, tennis player, and/or the avid athlete. Arthrossage creates space between the joint capsules in the body for greater range of motion. You will love the new sense of freedom of movement, and the grace and ease that you will feel in every cell in your body.


Foot, hand, head, and ear reflexology to stimulate meridians and acupressure points for stress relief and relaxation.

Head, Neck and Shoulder:
Massage for relaxation and relief of pain, tension and stress.

Clients are fully clothed during treatments.

Contact Barbara to schedule your appointment and check out our program rates for June and July specials!

Barbara Boling:


Please give yourself time to stop by the front desk prior to your appointment to fill out the massage form and make your payment.

For more information, email
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