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Stretch and Flexibility Program

What a Stretching and Flexibility Coach can do for you

Better flexibility can improve mobility and range of motion, while reducing pain and the chance of injury. Our certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach will guide you to improve your flexibility safely and effectively. They will guide you through both assisted and self-stretching methods to create and effective stretch session for your unique body type and current range of motion. You will walk away from sessions over time with greater mobility, range of motion, and injury prevention through your specialized program.

About the Instructor:

Liz is a Certified Personal Trainer and Stretching and Flexibility Coach, certified through NASM, and is extremely enthusiastic about and greatly experienced in stretching.

She knows first hand the benefits. It’s incredible how muscles respond to consistent stretching and keeps her injury free with her intense bodybuilding training. She is able to get greater range of motion in weightlifting which makes her workouts more progressive. It’s helping her achieve long term goals of flexibility like getting her splits back. Most importantly, her quality of life is so much better. She feels so good waking up in the morning. She can be physically 100% for personal training, stretching clients and in life doing the things she loves to do - body building, HIIT workouts with friends, family hiking.

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1 Session       $80

3 Sessions     $228 ($76/session)

5 Sessions     $370 ($74/session)

10 Sessions   $700 ($70/session)

Sessions are 60-minutes and can be purchased at the Neighborhood Club front desk.

For more information, email
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