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Group Exercise Instructor 


I am a Yoga Instructor at the Neighborhood Club Recreation and Wellness Center. When I began yoga, it was mainly for emotional support. I noticed yoga was helping me reach a power within that I had not been unaware of, so I kept coming back.

Due to the impact yoga has had on my life I decided to sign-up for Yoga Teacher Training.  I earned my yoga teacher certification.

My goal as an instructor is to hold a space where everyone can fully experience his or her mind-body connection and explore the practice of yoga.


I want to help members create more stability, sustainable, functional movements patterns, and feel freer in their bodies. Through smart cueing, alignment, guide them to a better understanding of their own bodies and how it's built to move.


I believe that Yoga teaches us, “that we are entirely up to us, and that no matter what you want in life, whatever you are looking for, look inside first.”

“Unleash the power within, it will give you the power and momentum to achieve and overcome anything! The biggest wall you will ever have to climb is the one you build in your mind.”

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