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Group Exercise Instructor 

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Hi !  My name is Milissa Pierce!   I’ve been involved with and teaching fitness and wellness for over 35 years.  I am a retired high school counselor and licensed professional counselor.   Fitness and wellness and sports have always been a passion and interest. I taught a multitude of classes for over 35 years at the Lakeshore YMCA.  I now teach at the Neighborhood Club.   I am certified in Group Fitness, Strength Training, Step Aerobics, Cardio, Stretching and Healthy Living.   


Currently, I am teaching a class called Step & Strength.   It is a 45 minute class that focuses on aerobic/strength intervals using the step and free weights or tubes, followed by 10 minutes of core and a nice stretch at the end.  You’ll find my class fun, easy to follow , easy to modify both easier and harder , and a nice blend of old and new!  


My goal is to help people feel successful, happier  and wanting to create a fitness routine for themselves that is worthwhile.   I want them to leave class feeling challenged,  ready to move and sweaty!

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